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Today I was going through my contacts,
And I was surprised at how many they were,
And I tried to recall who these numbers belonged to,
And what I found out was a shocker,
I dont have a lot of friends,
In reality I only know a lot of people,
And they are the ones that feel my contact list.

Someone you know will only check up on you when they need something,
A friend needs no reason to check up on you,
Someone people you know might just be using you,
A real friend will want to be of use to you,
And I have been used before,
And trust me its not a good experience.

But I want you to know this,
Some of the people I know used to be friends,
But I long the way things changed,
Or is it that they changed?
We used to be close,
But how the distance grew I know not.

I like to think that I dont have enemies,
But its funny how some people take me to be their enemy,
And to be honest I have nothing to be hated for,
I have nothing on my name except God,
And still someone has the energy to hate me,
People do like wasting feelings I tell you.

To those who are my friends,
Thanks for keeping up with me,
For those who happen that I know you,
I wish you well in life,
For those who seem to hate me for no reason,
I dont know what to even say to you,
But I hope you will just stop wasting those feelings.
Only that.


  • Jul 18, 2020

  • Harmony Vic

    Harmony Vic

    If I am being honest, almost nothing in this writing was grammatically correct. I do understand where you are coming from though, and I'm truly sorry that you have been used in the past, but I am glad you now have friends that you can trust to stick by you. Stay strong!

    Jul 18, 2020

  • Oddest  Viner

    Oddest Viner

    please stop spamming this

    Jul 18, 2020

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