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Culture is what defines countries, it's what makes groups of people different then one another. This manifesto explains why we should stay with our culture, and not move to far left culture.

Far Left Culture
We know what a conservative is, someone who wants to conserve the culture, but what's a liberal? A liberal is someone who doesn't want conformity. It seems that progressives want to create this new culture, and are extremely constructive, for their new culture. A culture that think's all cops are evil murderers, you must say someone's preferred pronouns, and any white person who doesn't conform to this new culture is racist. They want to progress to this new culture. Just like how you had to call someone sir, or ma'am, you have to call someone their correct pronouns. Far left culture is shaped by left wing politics, and thinking.

Slippery Slope Theory
Far left culture is a slippery slope. This theory works similarly to evolution, people have progressive ideas, and the ones that seem attractive are put into the culture. If the idea survives in far left debates, and enough people see it, who are apart of far left culture, will add it in; however that's not the entire theory. We know how the culture evolves, but how is it a slippery slope? It's a slippery slope because they hold the past up to their new standards. For example, all types of black facing is seen as racist, but it wasn't always seen that way, so when they watch an older movie, and see an actor black facing, they're weird out, and offended. The same can happen to our culture if it keeps evolving, the important thing is to not hold the past to the new standards, and recognize that they had different standards.

Free Speech
Many claim hate speech isn't free speech, and they're right, if they had the correct definition of hate speech. As I stated in Slippery Slope Theory. "This theory works similarly to evolution, people have progressive ideas, and the ones that seem attractive are put into the culture. If the idea survives in far left debates, and enough people see it." The definition of hate speech also evolves with the culture, the basic definition is offensive. Saying something offensive isn't hate speech, the definition of hate speech is threatening speech, saying threats against one person, or a group of people, is hate speech.

Changing the Past
I have already talked about holding the past to the new standard, but they also change the politics of historical figures to fit in with their beliefs. Gorge Orwell, the author of 1984, a book about changing the past to fit the narrative, is now a subject of debate, whether he would be a member of antifa. They're so far gone, they think fighting actual Nazis, is comparable to punching a conservative, who is likely unarmed, unlike the Nazis who were armed, and trained. Someday it maybe possible that people think Joseph Stalin was a far right leader, who was Pro-Capitlism. We do this to, but it's important not to, and to recognize some very bad people have been on our side, and show how it won't happen again.

People argue that gender is a social construct, and changing our pronouns doesn't change anything, they're right, but just because it's a social construct doesn't make it unimportant. Yes, changing pronouns changes nothing; however naming is important, it helps us understand what something is. Calling a grape, a grape is a social construct, but if everyone called grapes something different, then it would be impossible to communicate. Why should calling a boy wanting to be called a girl, then a boy wanting everyone to call grapes apples when talking to him. Entire languages are created by social constructs, if names weren't social constructs we would all speak the same language. If a boy wants to be called a girl, you should call them a girl when they're around, but tell people meeting him, that he wants to be called her, and that he's actually a boy, but tell them that when the guy is around.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter is seen as the perfect movement, and to criticize it makes you a racist. Even when they burn low income apartments, burn other people's hard work, and rob their own supporters stores, you can't criticize it. Celebrities will support all of this, but once it's possible they'll be the next victim, they'll beg for it to stop. Black Lives Matter is propaganda, trying to make it seem like anyone who doesn't support it is a racist, despite most people who don't support it, support All Lives Matter. They claim Black Lives Matter is just All Lives Matter with a different name, then why not just join All Lives Matter, and support black lives. Simply saying 'It's ok to be white' is seen as a racist dog whistle. Black Lives Matter isn't perfect, and often turns violent. People while rob stores, and hide behind equality to explain why they did it. No only does it turn violent, it also turns racist, Koreans were once targeted by Black Lives Matter, for not letting them rob them. If criticizing Black Lives Matter is seen as racist, then no changes will be made. 

Depolerizatoin is the greatest threat to our culture, and is why so many ideas have been branded. Depolerizatoin is when people can't agree on anything politically, so they are branded as the enemy. Liberals are seen as Stalinists, and conservatives are seen as Nazis. Far left culture is moving even farther away from iur culture, and they call anything conservatives like, a nazi dog whistle. The circle game is seen as a nazi dog whistle, and many were fired for doing the okay sign, not only were they fired, they were deemed as racist by the mainstream media. If this continues some letters maybe seen as far right, and far left. If their was anything I could magically fix, it would be depolerizatoin.

Political discussion is the highest form of culture, it displays culture, and the idea of a disagreement that doesn't result in broken friendships, and doesn't cause any fights, is soothing. Culture should shape politics, but politics shouldn't shape culture. This is the idea of far left culture, it's a culture which is formed by left wing politics, and thinking. You can argue that their is a far right culture, but it's not as present as far left culture. If politics can change the culture, then it will lead to depolerizatoin.

Entertainment is one of the most important things in culture. It's what we find funny. If someone's culture is shaped by politics, then they won't find jokes about their politics funny. All entertainment should be politically natural, if your politics demands you don't find something you found funny, funny, then you're a victim of depolerizatoin. As 'jokes' are aimed for a certain political culture, it stops being funny, and turns into a monolog about politics, but you're supposed to laugh at the end, not because it's funny, because it's polite. 

Why I'm not talking about Far Right Culture
The reason why I haven't decided a single chapter to far right culture is because you already know it's bad. All I have to say is far right, and you'll have visions of the holocaust. When I say far left culture, you could have many visions, you could see Karl Marxs, you could see Communist countries like the USSR, or China, you may even see nothing. The far right is like the Bogeyman, he was a real person who kidnapped kids, but he's long dead, so is the far right, the holocaust did happen, but nobody agrees with the nazis anymore, very few even deny the existence of the holocaust. Maybe the Bogeyman will strike again, but now it's just a ghost story we tell kids. Considering China has it's own holocaust currently going on, you would imagine that the far left would be seen as evil as the far right. It's time to warn kids of extremism as a whole, not just the Nazis.

True Culture
A true culture is something both sides can join, a true culture doesn't conform to a certain ideology. True culture doesn't force you to change your views on Healthcare, or colleges. You may have to change somethings like religion, and family roles, but those are important to defining a culture. A culture that doesn't force you to laugh at something because you agree with it, rather a culture that let's you laugh at jokes that you disagree with. One that isn't depolerized. That is a true culture, a neutral culture.


  • Jul 18, 2020

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