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What is LOVE??
Love is an emotional feeling you have towards one another, Love is a genius feeling but some people take it for granted 
Have seen several cases of people who go into a relationship but at the end they hurt each other. I do tell people if you want to go into any relationship you have to be physically, emotionally, mentally prepared cause there is no one with a perfect relationship,If you want to fall in love will get hurt one way or the other because in a relationship anything can happen
Don't get me wrong am not saying love is one bad thing infact it a beautiful thing but only when you find yourself the right person to be with.
Some people do think that since they have a perfect relationship they think it by their grace No! It not, it by the Almighty grace
Another thing is timing 
You all need to know a perfect time to fall in love 
When it comes you will feel it...


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    Jul 19, 2020

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