REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#20) Read Count : 23

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Della was shocked when she saw Max. Because he was her brother. She stood up and said in shaking voice "Bu.. But you die on front of my eyes!" Then Max huged his little sister and said "Forget everything now i am here no one can even touch you" Then Balvin took a tough and deep breath. And then he stood up and punch Max. Then Della stoped him and said "No Balvin he is the mighty Red Knight and my brother too and his name is..." "Max!" Balvin said this after saw the Red Knight. Then Red Knight saw Balvin too and said "It's really you Balvin! O my God come here you sparkle" After this they both huged tightly. Della was confused. She asked "How do you know each other?" Then Balvin said "We were togather in Knight Academy. We learn how to fight togather and many times Max safe my life too" Then Red Knight got serious and asked to Balvin "Balvin how did you beard the atack of mighty trident. Many lavens and thunders try to lift this but they can't and died. But you survived! How? I came here when i saw all sky was thundering. Master said me when sky got thundered i have to save the Blazing Blade and were is mighty Dark Knight? " Then Della said "Max your friend is not only a thunder he was the Dark Knight God of Lightning. But in his last fight Hatrex founded the Black Staff of God of Magic and evilness and killed the spirit of Dark Knight anf then Lightning Blade disappeared!" Then all the army of Hatrex entered into the tomb and attacked on them. But Red Knight spined the trident and made a fire strom which broke the roof of tomb and spined all the magicians and demons. But a 2x army wating for them in the battle feild. Then Hatrex woke up and stood up immediately. He through a black fire ball towards Della. Della was scared and closed her eyes. But Balvin called his shield and then shield came to him and then Balvin stopped the attack of Hatrex. Then Hatrex flew in the sky and ordered his some solders to killed them. Then many demons jumped on Balvin and then a unbelievable thing happened. Balvin striked a lightning bolt on the demons but he cab do it only for one time. Everyone was amazed when they saw the lightning Balvin. When Max saw this he said "Unbelievable! Balvin listen me. Dark Knight's spirit is stilled alive but in you soul. You must  found the Tomb of Lightning God. Della you go with him." Then Hatrex do the same majic on Max but he disabled it because he was a majician and then he called his flying fire lion. His name was LINO. After this Lino fights with Hatrex. Max came towards Balvin and said. "When you hold that axe remember one thing. You are the worthy and you have a revenge. Not your revenge. Revenge of the Dark Knight! Now go and protect my sister." Balvin replied "You don't worry. Della is my love and i will sacrifice my life for her." Then they both do wrist pump and then Balvin called Bolt. He picked up Della and gone towards the Darklite with the speed of light.
They reached at a city of Darklite which name was LITARIA. After 1 hour Balvin's eyes got blue and glowed. His body started small lightning sparkels. And he stopped there and thought. He saw a tomb in his mind and then he punched a lightning brust on the ground. After this a big tomb came through  the sky in the form of big lightning bolts. Then Surdenly many demons came there with blades and guns. Della and Balvin stared fight with them. They were stoping them for 2 hours. Then a demon shoot  two arows to Della. Della doesn't know this. Balvin saw this and through his shield towards the arows. But only one arow stopped. Then Balvin sacrificed his life for Della. He came on the front on Della and huged him. Then Della immediately putted out that arow into the Balvin's back. She felt so much anger. Her whole body got pink and glowed. She killed all the demons at once. But when she came to Balvin a demon survived and starts fight with Della got so tired and weaked because she used his mega attack and she was fighting for five weeks. Then she yelled "Blavin wake up!!! GOD help us please!" After some time in the mind of dead Balvin King Helorrx and all elemento God came and said "Wake up Dark Knight! You are only a worthy person who talk with us. You have a work to done go and take our revenge, all Gods revenge and revenge of Dark Knight!" After this all the tomb started thundering and then finally The Balde of Lightning came out and smashed with the dead Balvin and made him lived again. And then he became Dark Knight with a thundering bang once again



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    Aug 01, 2020

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