A Beach With Crashing Waves Read Count : 25

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As I sit here pondering as to whether I love or loathe you. Sitting here with no company, just the empty pit in my stomach. Not knowing what I feel. I truthfully love you with all my heart, but I loathe you just as much. I sit with tears in my eyes as I text you to end things just to regret it right as It was sent. Unstably I plead for you to forgive me. On my hands and knees screaming and crying for forgiveness. Just to be told that everything was all for nothing. Only for nothing to change but the title of our relationship. The hurt I felt was indescribable, but the freedom that I felt was extraordinary. A love hate relationship, but he didn’t know the hate I had been feeling. He didn’t see the pain in my eyes as he wiped my tears. Ironic as my eyes are screaming for him to notice as another tear falls down my face. You catch it with your shirt not thinking twice. Still not truly knowing how hurt but relived I was at the same time. 


  • Jul 18, 2020

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