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In those moments of silence, when I ache for understanding, and the pains of life is felt, I come to question myself. 

As things don't always make sense on the immediate end, it can take a while to sink in and finally become clear again. 

I catch those glimpses, momentary flashes of clarity, and all else falls away in the refiner's fire of purification. 

Why am I here in life, walking in this body, seeing through these particular eyes, and hearing myself speak this way? 

Sometimes I need to remember that everyone else, as they toil to maintain happiness, they too are asking the very same questions. 

It's when my hands touch a soul, my arms surround with love, my eyes see the beings in front of me as more than they appear, that's when things become clear.  

It's when my words sink in exactly as they need to; to reach deep within a troubled heart, and my presence alleviates loneliness, that's when I know I've succeeded. 

How my timing affects all around me, comfort comes when it should, I show up when I am meant to, and my words arrive right on time.... that is when I'm reminded in spite of pain and sorrows lingering, just why it is I'm here right now.

I am merely here to try to make a difference.


  • Jul 17, 2020

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