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I hate that you think it's okay to ignore me for over a year. You always have the same excuse too. It's always "I broke my phone." Or, "I got a new phone." If you broke it you could've gotten a new one and it wouldn't have taken a year. If you got a new one you could have easily gotten messenger as you had before and re-entered your information in order to talk to me. But you haven't even made an effort because you're too selfish to even try to face me. You spend so much time feeling sorry for yourself when YOU'RE the one who has done everything wrong. I'm SO SICK of all your petty excuses. I started talking to you because I WANTED to know you. I talked to you even after hearing about all the crap you've done. I STOOD WITH YOU EVEN WHEN YOU GHOSTED ME FOR A YEAR. I TRIED TO REACH OUT TO YOU, AND YOU HAVE IGNORED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY EFFORTS TO DO THAT. I'm done trying to get your attention. I deserve better than this and you know it. All I wanted was a father who actually cared enough to admit to his wrong-doings. A father who would at least TRY to give me the love I deserve. And you couldn't even do that. I almost pity you. 

And HONESTLY, who do you think you are??!! Because you are NOT my father by ANY MEANS. I have made countless efforts to talk to you. I sent you letters and messages on Father's Day, Valentine's Day, your BIRTHDAY, and you repay me by ignoring me. For over a year. And I GUARANTEE, if I hadn't sent you this, you would come back a couple months to another year later acting all innocent like what you did was okay. You think you can hurt people and get away with it because you have in the past. Well I'm NOT one of those people. I'm not going to sit here and wait for you to talk to me for another year, and then pretend everything is okay. You need to start taking responsibility for your actions. Learn some respect. You can't ignore me forever. And you won't. I will make sure of that. I will make you regret all of the pain you have put me through with your silence just by telling you exactly what you've done. And you're not going to read this and ignore me some more. No. You're going to read these messages and you WILL respond to me, and we WILL have a conversation about it. I honestly couldn't care less about how you feel at this point. You SHOULD feel bad, you're a TERRIBLE person and an even worse father. I hope you rot in your own guilt, and drown in your tears.

I have shown you nothing but respect up to this point, and you have made me regret that. You don't deserve my respect. You have proven to me that you are not ready to be a dad. And you never will be. I don't regret saying any of this, and I'm glad to have finally gotten it out. The only thing I regret is wasting multiple months on you. Ignoring someone is NOT how you deal with your guilt. And If you really feel THAT bad about everything, come say it to my face. And apologize. You brought this upon yourself, and now you're too immature to face it. Grow up.


  • Jul 17, 2020

  • Jul 17, 2020

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