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Little lion do not shed a tear.

Do not fear, the coming of your dreams crinkled in the space. 
For those people who did not understand you, obviously misunderstood you wrong all these years. 

All these times they've did not hear you.

They were in your pridelands.
It seems so they are ungrateful!!!!!

Deceitful and jealous minks.
Scorned with their claws and  spitting poisonous venoms in your faults!

Look ! Look! Look.

They brought unhealthy habits. 

Arguements every where.
Don't like your opinion but they reel their decisions.  
That  then someone put in their standing. 

Let me break their finding for what they really  is.

No they are not friend. 
Yes you are a great keeper. 

They have thou no manners 
That why they act so ghetto. 

CUB ( bravado)
You say 
they are ghetto

Their disease spread like lies.

O thee lons of my heart  despise them all.


If they hurt you then you must must   leave. 

Do not be tempt. 

For good things happened shortly...

Our great kings will barre great wisdom. 

Great wisdom  

Great wisdom. 

Both.   Great wisdom!. Tis the mark of our great pride  .
Our kings have fought   many enemies  .
.though we dug our teeth in the sun.
Our clan is strong!!


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