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The proximity of Yosemite reacted to heat and chemical disasters. 
For human, we overlook and then shut down Like a robot .
Too many thoughts 
Too many actions overstep our minds. 
We got to the limit of cancelled out our witts

We go off like a crazy person not anger. 
Its the bitter tolerance where someone just brought  us there. 
They spend there time argued away fumes.
Words spit words out.
It makes over a thesis page. 

We don't need relentless expression but the definitional r3ason.
Its unhealthy to argue all the time. 
Especially with one or millions people. 
We speak for almost millions second. 

It been easier if everyone is understood and not the cause of our head aches. 
The reason why we punched and blow off.

Feelings.get hurt and reason not understood. raise our blood pressure like plant reactor. 


  • Aug 11, 2020

  • words is the truth

    Aug 11, 2020

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