The School Bus Driver Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
one day they had a girl named jenfer she was going to school with her little sister 
Amie. Amie did not want to go to school .
jenfer yelled at her and said you're going
jenfer and Amie mom said I love you now go to school bye. they went on the bus
But nobody was there but them Amie 
jenfer said. Do you know him Amie said why would I. Jenfer said uuum so who are
you the man said. I'm here to cover for your old bus driver. jenfer said he's not old!! The bus driver said oh sorry is he that old jenfer and Amie did not like the new bus driver.
jenfer got out of her seat and said you're going the wrong way. The bus driver said I'm going to the shortcut Amie said why are no one on the bus with us. The man said you shouldn't have not got on my bus they both said what do you mean the man said you're going to die today. jenfer and Amie have been missing since 20 years and no one  notice.    The End


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