The Bus Read Count : 17

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror
So once they had a girl named blue and she was broke then she met a rich man at the club then they stared to date then she found out that he was cheating on her so she said they were done and she took the bus to go by her mom and then the passed up a metle hospital and they saw a lady with a long dress and the lady looked at her and stared to chase the bus the lady face was all white and she went to the bus driver and told him to speed and then when the bus stopped everyone got off and then later she watched the news and it said a crazy lady was chasing a bus and this is why because the rich man was cheating on her with her friend and that lady was her friend the reason she was in the metale hospital was because when she had a baby she threw her baby on the ground and then she killed the man and that is why you never ride a bus


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