6 Kittens Heading For Safety Read Count : 14

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure
There were a bunch of baby kittens huddled up on the side of the road. I saw them and stopped. I told Freeway to stay in the truck. I went over to them and they all shied away from me. They acted like I was going to hit them. I softly talked to them and told them I wouldn't hurt them. I slowly moved towards them and picked 2 of them up. They were all shivering from the cold. The other 4 slowly moved towards me. I picket them all up. They were very cold and scared. I brought them back to the truck and grabbed the blanket and put them on it and bundled them up in it. Freeway went over and sniffed at them. She gave each of them a kiss and came back to me. They were shivering so bad I grabbed another blanket and covered them up some more. I knew they had to be very hungry and probably thirsty for warm milk as well. I said, what are you babies doing out in the cold? "Where were you going?" After a series of meows and hisses and more meows Freeway told me that there owner got mad at them last night and threw them all out in the cold and told them to get lost! If he found them there when he looked out he'd kill them! So they ran once they were far enough away they stopped and formed a plan to go to Lonewolf's. "Do you know Lonewolf?" one of the kittens asked Freeway. "Yes I know her very well! She is my mama! She is sitting right there." "The kitten said, you mean she is the one who saved us?" "Yes silly!" "We made it!" Said the kittens!


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