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It was a whole year since we talked Mama, The longest span of time you see.I abandoned you Mama and I'm so sorry, why couldn't I just let you be here for me. You weren't just my mother,you were my confident and best friend. When I needed to release my secrets,you were there until the very  end . You were  trust worthy Mama, even when my faults you'd see ,so much so that you carried them away to heaven, but then you went away, and you left me. There aren't enough words to say, how thankful I am to you,for always being there in life when I needed such a person so true.Without judgement you listened. Even to  my worst mistakes you still cared. No matter what the outcome Mama, you were always and forever there. Now your not, and I can feel my heart break,not talking to you for that year Mama, is my life's biggest mistake. You were my light on dark days,my spiritual guide who showed me the way.You taught me to focus on the positive, in my life every day,and I swear mama I've tried  to grieve you,  in every single way. You taught me to never give up,to listen and believe. To  love  with every ounce I had, and one day true love I'd achieve. And when I chose  the wrong path, you guided me back up the right road. And you did so without judgement,your  heart mama,it always showed.  You  let me make my own choices,you said it was only fair. Because they were just that,my choices,and you wanted me to prepare. For what Mama I didn't know,but now I do you see ,it was simply for when, you were no longer here with me. You loved me without  expectations, but you taught me right from wrong. I've  never know another woman Mama,who was so unbelievibly strong.  How I miss you Mama, I cry while tears stream down my face. You just left me Mama,you left, and you fell to Grace.You had the most beautiful and caring heart,and you loved me with all of it. I want you to know your dedication,in my lifetime,I'll never forget. Mama your spirit was so wonderful,and that spirit I now carry on with me. Even through all your trauma Mama,guess what, now your spirit,, its set free.You always kept me safe from fear,and taught me to hang on,now I'm more scared then ever Mama,cause your not here, you left me mama,and your gone.You were beautiful in every way,but now lifes  not the same, cuz  your beautiful face isn't  here Mama ,and I'm just sitting here in pain. I need your shoulder to cry upon,your words of wisdom to follow. Ever since youve left this earth,my heart has felt extremely hollow. I haven't grieved you yet mama. How am I supposed to carry on. It's 3 years later, and I still can't believe your gone. Where am I supposed to turn,when I feel as lost as I do. I don't want anyone else Mama,I just want you! Wait mama,just please come back. I need to say goodbye. As sure as the tears falling down my checks,all I can do is cry. You left this Earth so suddenly,your spirit carried on. You left me mama, you left me, when my life had just begun. You'd think I would have faced it by now,the reality of your loss,but Mama I can't touch that,cuz it's not gonna bring you back, and every time I think of you,I almost have a panic attach. I wanna hear your voice mama, I wanna see your face, but I can't now cuz you left me Mama,you left and you  turned to grace. Your understanding  nature will surely be remembered ,but I can't understand this mama,cuz your not here,so I surrender. All I want is your shoulder mama,to lay my head apon and cry,.All I really want is to just say goodbye!! Where do I go ,Mama,when your advice isn't clear. How  do I listen to Angels,cause I just want to feel you near... I couldn't phathom loosing you,but then you slipped away, and I swear that I'll go crazy when I face your loss one day. How do I say goodbye to such a lovely soul,better how do I do it,without loosing control. I miss you Mama,it hurts so much inside,all I can do Is just sit here and  all I can do is cry. I hope your with  your family,and singing and dancing on the clouds. But I  can't hear you Mama,you have  to raise your voice, and sing loud, come down here and save me,give me one more chance. To make amends to you my mama, give me one more glance. Let me say goodbye in piece,so it doesn't hurt so bad. Let me say goodbye to you, the the best friend I've ever had. I was such a lucky girl to have a mother such as you,I pray that there's a heaven, and that your really there,and it's really true. Until the day i grieve you mama, plz know that Ill always care,and my heart hurts so bad because I still don't feel you here. Goodbye for now my angel,please always watch over me. Goodbye for now my mama,until your face I one-day see😥😥😥😥


  • I love this! it's one of my favorites!

    Aug 12, 2020

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