When I Dream Of You Read Count : 20

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No more hush sweet butterflies
Not another peep
Cuz my babies aren't here anymore
When I lay my head to sleep
My dreams are no longer happy
With yellow daisies
In the yellow setting sun
I can't hear your  laughter
Or see your smiles
So my worlds no longer fun
There's no more swaying green reeds
Near a trickling blue stream
Even under the fading blue sky
I still can't fall asleep
All I can do is think of you
And lay my head and cry
Thinking of when my world  came crashing down
When I had to say goodbye
The purple pansies are no longer
Tickling purple dragonflies
I'm scared when I do fall asleep
I won't win
I'll loose
And you won't be my surprise
I won't be the orange Fox dreaming
In a Grove of orange blossoms
I won't be the pink piglet playing
With all the playful pink possums
Or the white sheep gazing 
At the white Moon way up high
Cuz when I lay my head to rest at night
All I can remember is saying goodbye
There's no promise of the future
Beneath the silver sky
All I want is my Lovella and my Bri-Bri
Then  I'll no longer cry
Will you bring along my sweet dreams
Of a time long ago
Watching you playing and having fun
Under a golden
Almost iridescent
Warm and bright morning sun
While the promise of the future
Hangs in the crisp and dewy air
But your not here
 And it's so not fair
I imagine hearing your voices
As they very sadly say
'I love you Mama'
'And I always will'
And everyday!!


  • Aug 11, 2020

  • So beautiful!

    Aug 12, 2020

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