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I woke up to loud screaming and hanging at my door. I have woken up to this almost everyday since I was a little girl.
Don't ever bang and scream at your kids doors for their entire life. It doesn't end well.It has severely affected my anxiety and created immense ptsd. I would advise to any parents, never bang on your child's door chronically for their entire time living in your house. Whether it's 18 years or 25 years. Be a better parent.
I've woken up to my brain hallucinating I'm being screamed at and the door is being banged. If your parents did it to you and you have negative effects from it. Do not do it to your children. Break any negative chain. Stop letting children be raised in abuse.
I have woken up sobbing from this. The amount of hyperviligance and fear I have surrounding someone knocking is insane. I jump at any noise that could possibly sound like knocking, footsteps, anything.
PTSD in young children and general high anxiety can cause major attachment problems. I have no attachments to my parents or my grandparents.
Just hearing my dad bang at my brother's door causes me so much anxiety. My eyes become glossed over and I just look dead and spaced out. It is because I am dissociating away from the sounds and the reality I live in. Another alter will take that memory from me and I will continue my life as it were.
I am having such an anxiety or panic attack. I have to stop writing now. But I hope you learned something while reading this.
Be kind
-Trina (The Masquerade System) 


  • Aug 10, 2020

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