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Hi there. I was sitting outside on the back porch overlooking the fenced-in yard behind the apartment building where I live And as I'm sitting here I decided to again observe the behavior of my dog Munch., My three-year-old pitbull..Munch while for the moment being calm , which is unusual for him.has had himself a very busy week last Tuesday night, after the big storm that we had, in the area which caused a tree to fall in our backyard. also taking out the fence that separated my yard from. the neighbor's yard (more about that later) I feet the need last Tuesday night to get up and use my restroom at 330 am and, if course, Munch seeing me awake, felt the need to go also. So I let him out in our yard and went to sit on the porch and wait for him to finish. But as I was about to sit down, I heard barking and growling behind me. It was Munch's brother who by the way is named Killer he wanted to come down the stairs and get into a fight with Munch. Afraid that he would jump the barricade the neighbors have there and come down. I started watching to see if he would. As soon as I took my eyes from him Munch ran past me and up the stairs and tried to get over the barricade and at his brother. Thank God Munch could not get over it or things would have been much worse. As it was the two were scratching and biting at each other. Anyone who has ever seen a pit bull fight knows they can get ugly quickly. I raced up the stairs and grabbed Munch by the collar. Doing so carefully so neither dog could bite me while trying for the other. I was able to pull him away and down the stairs and into my house without further incident. Things could have been worse. Then on Saturday night Munch really got adventurous.i let him out in the yard to run around a little for exercise. My next-door neighbors were having a barbecue. I guess there were 15 or 20/people there. Munch all if a sudden stopped what he was doing, put his head down like a bull and charged the spot where the fence used to be. He was going full speed and of course ended up in the neighbors yard right in the middle of their barbecue table. I saw people running in 4 directions. After all this is a100 pound pit bull that just crashed through the fence. And they don't know him. I quickly went to the edge of the yard and advised the people at the barbecue that he is very very friendly and would not hurt anyone. I said he probably just smelled your food and came over to see if he could grub some from you lol. Munch does tend to make friends quickly as I saw a couple of the people begin to pet him. Then they gave him a hot dog and sent him home lol. I swear that could have ended much worse also. This dog has someone looking out for him but anyway he is always interesting to be around. He keeps life from being dull.for now I hope you enjoyed reading this. More about Munch soon. Bye for now


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