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While at work I recieved a call. The caller said her name was Laurie Kelly. She told me her neighbor was screaming at this puppy she had. She screams at that poor puppy all the time. He even shies away from her.  He's just little and to me he seems thin. She calls him Jack when she's not screaming. When she's screaming which is most of the time she calls him "Shit head." I said Mrs. Kelly I'll be right over. She said, please call me Laurie. I said ok Laurie I'll be right there. I decided to have Freeway stay at the station with Stan. Commander Rafe went with me. I told him I was going to try to buy the dog before we arrested her. Rafe said ok, you take lead. So we headed for Laurie's. Laurie was sitting on her porch waiting for us. She invited us in and we had coffee with her. A short time later we heard screaming. I went out and went next door and said, excuse me mam? She was screaming so loud at the pup she didn't even hear me! However the pup saw me and ran over to me and crouched between my legs. Dixie spun around and I again said Excuse me Mam! She said, well who are you? I told her Lonewolf and you? She said, Dixie. I asked her how much do you want for this puppy? She said, I'm not sure I want to sell him. I reiterated I wanted the puppy. Name your price. She said, well I paid $500 for him. I knew that was a lie, but i said, I'll give you $600 for him. By the way what's his name? She told me Jack. I said, so? She said, well I've put a lot of time into training him. I told her I'd give her $700 That's my final offer. She said ok I'll take it! I asked her if he had a dog bed, favorite toys, etc. Does he have papers? I also need a bill of sale. She said no papers but I'll get his things and your bill of sale. I told Commander Rafe to get ready. He was sitting on the porch with Laurie. I then scooched down and pet Jack. I told him he was going home with me. He lapped me and wagged his tail. Dixie walked out with a crappy dog bed and a bag. She came up to me and said this is his bed and his toys are in this bag. I looked in the bag and they were crappy toys. I asked if she had the bill of sale. She handed me a piece of paper that said she sold him for $50 bucks. I told her to give me back 650 dollars. She asked why? I told her you made the receipt out for 50 dollars. So I gave her a notebook and said you either write it for the actual amount or give the money back! She wrote it out for the actual amount and gave it back to me. Signed Dixie Rollins. As she was writing the receipt I gave Rafe the signal and he walked over. When she passed me the receipt I told her she was under arrest for animal cruelty and extortion. While Rafe was arresting her I called for Copper and Bullet to transport one female to the station. I left the stuff she had brought out for Jack right on the ground where she put them. I would buy him new things. Copper and Bullet came and took Dixie to the station and booked her in. On the way back to the station daddy Rafe and I stopped at Hanks. I had Jack with me when we went in. I bought him a bed that he liked and he picked out some toys. Plus I got him the toy that you put treats or peanut butter in. And I bought him a skitterball for a dog. I also bought Freeway a new bed and some toys as well as a few more skitterballs. Then we went to the station. Freeway was all excited to see me and was trying to see what I was carrying. I showed her.  She overheard us talking and that I had paid 700 dollars for him. She had quite a lot to say about that and she wasn't saying it quietly. How could you spend that much money on him!! Do you have papers for him? Nope I don't. MAMA WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!! I said, Freeway your scaring Jack. He is quivering all over. I'm sorry but mom? Enough for now Free. I would have paid however much for you if I'd had to. And I think you know that. Ya I know mama, I'm sorry. I showed her pictures of his old bed and toys. Ohh that's Aweful! Did you buy him new things? Yes I did. WELL GOOD THING!! But 700 dollars Mama she whispered? I told her I would probably get it back. But ereagardless he  is well worth it.  Well I hope you do get your money back!! I said Freeway watch this video I took with his old mom. So I played some of the video and Freeways eyes got big and she mumbled Bitch. Do you understand why I did what I did? $700 HUH?!  I set Jack down and Freeway walked up to him and he crouched and shivered. Freeway said I won't hurt you and she gently rubbed against Jack and kissed his nose. I put some water and a bit of food for Jack. He drank and ate greedily. I slowed him down some and then let him eat some more. Once he finished he curled up on a blanket and went to sleep.


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