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Hello I heard, I turned around and there stood a Native American woman and a wolf that pounced on me and started lapping me! I was laughing and said, "you big lug get off of me or I'll have to show you whose boss!" Well he stayed on me and I turned wolf and he soon found himself on the bottom of the pile with me on top! He rolled onto his back and bared his belly and neck to me. I put my teeth on his neck and applied a little pressure on his throat. The woman started towards me and I looked up and bared my teeth at her and growled. She stopped. I put my teeth back around his throat and applied a little pressure. Then I stopped and lapped him. He lapped me back. I backed off and I played with him for a few minutes then I turned back to myself. He came up to me and bowed down. I rubbed his ears and kissed him. "Good boy," I said! I looked at the woman and said, "I'm Lonewolf," and stuck my hand out. She took my hand and shook it and told me, "I'm Brianna." then she pointed to the wolf and said, "he's Ash." The two of them were looking behind me. I turned and there was aprox. 200 wolves standing there. I walked up to them and said, "Good girls, good boys! I see you have come home for the big fight." Lobo said, "we would be no where else and there are more coming." I said, "thank you to each and every one of you! I Love you all!" I was still patting the two up front when I turned around and looked at Brianna. She said, "they have come to fight?" "Yes," I said. I stopped patting them and said, "they are  a big part of my family." All 200 stepped back two paces when I stopped patting them. Brianna's mouth dropped open. And she went down on one knee and bowed her head. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Brianna please stand up. Thank you for honoring me. But I am like anyone else I just happens to be a shape shiftier." She stood and said, "Lonewolf they ALL honored you...better than 200 wolves hold you as their leader!" "We all hold each other in high regard. Come on I'll show you to your apartment. Do you mind working in the wolf barn?" "NO not at all! It would be a pleasure! An Honor!" We walked into the wolf barn and to the apartment. I asked if she knew how to use a gas stove. She said, oh yes I'm house trained! And we laughed! The door opened and I said, "well hello Stormy what are you doing breaking and entering?" I laughed and turned around and Brianna was as white as a ghost! "What's wrong," I asked? "Nukpana is here?" "She was, but she isn't now. And she won't be back if I have anything to say about it! I confiscated Stormy from her. He is now free to roam or...."Stormy started yipping and growling and giving me hell...."OK OK Storm...Stormy has informed me that he is mine!" The color came back into Brianna's face. I asked, "are you OK?" "Yes I'm ok. Nukpana means evil Native American. And she is EVIL!!" "Well she's in the Impediment Center for life! If you need anything just come to the house" I had  already explained the rules to her and she agreed to them. I went back into the house and had a cup of coffee. Mom asked, "everything ok honey?" "yes, I just settled in another lady and her companion Ash," "Oh ya? Who or what is Ash?" "Ash is a wolf, they are in the wolf barn." Approximately 200 wolves landed here today as well mom, with more on the way! Well Freeway and I need to get back to work. We've spent far to long playing hookie! "Alright honey I'll see you tonight, I love you!" "Love you too mom." 


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