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Some people
Are in floods
Some in fires
But maybe we’re all in both
Traveling on un-paved roads
Finding our own puzzle pieces
That make up our masterpieces

Caught in floods and in fires
Are those who are honest, not liars
Stuck, in the mud
Drowning themselves in their own brought on floods

Water lily
Whatever you call us
Or me

We have been in floods
Or fires
Some of us unplugged
Some of us uncontrollable cryers

No matter your position
We all pick our poison
Or our cure
Magnetically pulled, to him or to her

We’re all caught up
In unfulfilling one-sides loves
Or struggling with the stairs to self love

Caught on branches
Making up our own soul dances

But in the grass land I go
To sit, to let go
You have to bleed, to grow
True me, I know

I am the fire
That was put out by my own flood
Crossing paths with pathological liars
But eventually learning self love

Here’s to the ones
Who won
Battling their battles
In floods and in fires


  • Aug 11, 2020

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