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That’s me

As yin and yang, at times it is for the best

I suppose I stand insane
Maybe it’s being in different, going by my middle name

That’s me

They call me

A sister, a daughter
A lover, a fighter, and a writer

My best friends mean everything to me
I owe them as much as they owe me

But you could never ever measure love
Love is infinitively too little/too much

Matching tattoos for me and my best friend
A connection not even the devil would try to end

I know better
Than to let back an old lover

Living in dawn
I’m happy to the lesson, I finally caught on

Writing poems, writing songs
I could write endlessly, off and again on

I’m not lying about who I am
The things that make me up, is who I am

The words I write
The things I believe
The things I stand up for
The movies I watch
The songs I listened to
The way I love
And the ones whom I surround myself with

I’ll take a tissue and cry about it
But without it
I would’ve never became, this

Making it
Knowing I was born to sin
But also to be beautiful form within


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