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I’m the type of lover
That would think about the approval
Of your passed away brother

I’m the type of lover
Who would pray for you
Who would write about you, and for you

I’m the person
Who would take care of you
Because I love you, and I care dearly about you

I’m the person
Who wants to keep you warm
Because I know that’s what we both need after being torn

I’m the partner
Who wishes the best for you
The cheerleader who comes to the game, when nobody else shows up for you

I’m the partner
Who wants you to be your best
Gives you advice when God puts you through tests

I’ll try again
After the past is over with, I lived through the worst that could happen

I’ll open myself up
To new connections, and relationships of romantic love

I am the partner
I and the lover
I am the person
I am the mother
I am the sister
I am the wife
Who always, stands by your side
Even in the dark
When you’ve fooled yourself, that you’re all alone in the dark
I’ll come join you at two am
Visit you in the childhood park
To come swing with you, pumping our legs out and in
I may not be perfect
But I could give you beautiful imperfection
I’d show you everything’s worth it
I’ll be here, as you are, we are loves protection

Let the past lay at rest
Let go of the good lords tests

Dear God, and Jesus Christ
I think I’m ready
To be vulnerable again
I’m letting go of what happened
Embracing the future
Becoming my own lover
My partner in praying
And taking care of myself in self laying


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