Imagine EBoy//Colby Brock (Part 1): Read Count : 36

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fan-fiction
  • Sam's younger sister 
  • Live in LA
  • Y/N 20 yrs old 
  • Sam (23 yrs old)
  • Colby (23 yrs old)
  • Short but not to short 
  • Scary
  • Best friends (Ayrrianna, and the rest of boys and trap girls)

You put on Xplr merch and your shorts on, so after you got ready you called Sam and asked if he was ready to go to the store with you. You go and pick him up at the Trap House. When you were going to run up to Sam you saw someone behind him. You stop and Sam looks at who you look at. He pulls you so hard that you almost fall. You get in to your car, and Sam yells your name Y/N!!!!, You look at him and he says "Don't even think about dating him, He will change you". You ask Sam "what's his name?". Sam ignored you and you drove in silence for the rest of the trip to the store.

     *got to the store *
You made it to the store . So you pulled out your phone that had the things that you needed on it. You got everything you needed and checked out. You say Sam was  behind you with the things he needed. You both got in the car and drove to the Trap House . When you got to the Trap House ,you asked Sam if you "Can I come back over". He said "sure".  *Minutes later* 
You make it back to the boys house. You knock on the door and then someone opened the door. You look to see who it was and it the one behind Sam when you came to get him this morning.  Then the boy said "Hi hottie". While he grabbed your sides. You blushed so hard the he was about to kiss you. But Sam saw everything and told him to back off. The boy did. And then you go in.  You induced your self like this "Hello everyone my name is Y/N ". Then the boy from before was thinking about dating and changing you. 


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