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Falling in love the wrong way. 
Diamond comes and go, but wondering what have i done wrong day dreaming all the time about her and still she can't be that one.
 i started to wonder one more time trying to understand what it is so much about her but i realized soul love it's uncontrollable to all mindset wish I can understand what is happening but i met with this person that I thought was my love of my life and lost from reality and blow back in history and opened my mine to reality. Is it crazy or I am moving in circle keep meeting with the same type of person she reminds me so much of my expartner so I decide to try to break loose before I go too deep saying to her you are moving too fast.
But knowing in myself it is just that I am confuses so i need to break loose from what I have seen from the last relationship that drive me nuts making me lose love and respect for all human and female especially.
 to make you understand what my ex relationship was like i got to take you back to 2 years before now. 
 she is so sweet and charming and loving at first understanding what she is .

But anyway it become so weird and uncomfortable after family involved in what should be my mypersonal issue, i think sometimes that i might play a big role in driveway her  in the wrong way of being just what it's . I try so hard to trust human but so for i only understand what human is, on what they capable of doing, furthermore  just because of what keep happenin in my Horizon over the past years but this person is like giving subliminal message all the time. I has been missing out all this time on want is going on, from what she was showing but finally I get there and understand so much more than what I expect from her I realized that she is shooting so much private video something that stung me, by being  so clueless of  the message until i stumbled upon some video i got to take it for what it's and accept that she is just a Street pornstar at first it hurts so much one I say to her is this video's yours but she replied no and I am such on dumb dude thinking that she is but I know what I have seen and still can't prove it because person sometimes are identical and i I can't see  full coverage of the video unfortunately it become i was wrong and she is and Angel In disguise i was so unsecured in such ways and drive her off i try so hard to fix it right with he but it seems like it too much for her to understand but thinking out loud i say what a fool i am.
 but should i moved on to me next victim. wondering if i will find the perfect prototype, to match my personality to play my games.
Day offer days on night offer nights and days 

turn into weeks a week turn into months I still cannot take her off my mind seeking for my real friend to hart just wanting her to understand what happened.
 but i need to  decide what to do about this situation moved on or try one more 


  • working on it

    Sep 15, 2020

  • It happens when videos are made on some celebrities using masks and duplicates.

    Sep 12, 2020

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