Part 2 Of The Missing Baby Read Count : 21

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
jeny was speeding so fast she got pulled over by the cops. the police officer walked over to Jeny,s car and said do you have a license place. jeny new that she didn't she begin to fake like she did looking for it
Everywhere in the car. The police officer look in the backseat and saw baby 
Your baby the police officer said 
Jeny stuttered. yyyeess the officer asked her again. Before Jeny even said a word
She speed of helicopters where over her head and the baby head police officers was chasing her. people on motorcycles were going faster than she was trying to get in the front of her it was a disaster. Why  Jeny
Was speeding she thought about it Amaya criminal. she stopped thinking because there was almost on to her the baby started to cry. Jeny look at the back seat smack the baby and began to choke her while driving. the baby died jeny begin to plan if she go to jail she's going to plan how she commit suicides. Jeny begin to act crazy like she had mental problems Jeny was not paying attention and crashed. And died


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