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ok os i know it mite seam weird but i have been. studying a form of what you would call subliminal psychology. and i know you are probably thinking like ok weird what kind of drugs is this guy on but that's part of to days biggest problem with the people of the world to day but hey who am i to judge is not my concern or strategy but hear me out real shit cause are time hear on earth in the flesh is Limited and no im not  a scientist or certified tek I'm just your average ever day ordinary guy that just so happens to pay more attention to everything then I should but I am human. not program to the ways of this world to day im 32 years in age. given the basic knowledge in Theory you can say i have lived have my life.the average person today only lives to carry out 70 years that's on average depending on by now you the ones reading this is already bored by Theory of my story .so what im getting at is what is it that where hear for are Soul Purpose to be honest who can say know one really knows but i have my theory i have read the bible 3 times from front to back. and im not the only one but i did take time to meditate on what i read each day to gain better understanding of it see its the character we build while carrying are life out  here on earth and we live to the best of are knowledge.we live are lives as each day passes us by. so now all that side i can get to the moral of the actual story  because of the technology in today's time do we really know what we want I don't think we do all we want is more of the materials of this world and money prove it takes money to live but really and truly it just makes us hungry for more but money can't buy everything sure we're all aware of that you can't buy none of what God want us to have with money not a single thing those are the thing we lack most in this world sad but true just how warm he's our hearts really do at my research I've come to understand that no one of this world today's time wonts to have the happiness of life its kind sad to say but as Mariah Carey would say there is All Kinds of Kinds and the games people will run to get wont in till they get it and then in the end they never really wanted it in the first place just. a taste of it tell me this how much does it cost to love not a dime but it leaves you filling crushed one that love was and wines up costing you in the end its sad to say that ever thing of this world is as meaning with ass chasing after the wind... ..... .. chapter one..... 100 likes on this right here I will continue to the next chapter I can't write this all in one day probably won't get 5 likes but who knows


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    Aug 09, 2020

  • Aug 17, 2020

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