The Missing Baby Read Count : 15

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller
They had a lady named jeny she was single 
And she had no one. Then on a Saturday night she was looking for her purse that she lost. when she was looking for it
she heard this noise that sound like a baby.
She went by it and she kept following it
And it was a newborn. Wrapped into a blanket near the garbage can. O my 
God jeny said  I will take good care of you.
 jeny said in a baby voice ( the next day ) 
jeny woke up to the baby crying. it is ok baby jeny said jeny. went to the store
to get the baby some food everybody
Was staring at jeny. She just wanted 
to go she was walking outside and
She saw this lady putting up a posters
of a missing baby jeny look at the baby 
she found. and hurry up and got in to
the car and speeded of when she woke up the next day to the baby crying again. 
She began to say good morning over and over to the baby and then she thought about it's name a name is Sophia


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