Bad Boy|| Part 4(Daniel Seavey) Read Count : 22

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You and daniel make eye contact but you look away and was broken as he sighs “im sorry...” You look at him “NO YOUR NOT DANIEL!! Go be with her!” You say as tears fall and corbyn just hugs you and Jonah closes the door,  daniel just sighs and walks away from your room as the doctor walks in and looks at you“You can go home but just take it easy”You nodded and get up as the boys take you home and you ignored Daniel for a while

*a couple days later*

You woke up the morning and you realize it was the last day of school so you get up and get dressed in black ripped short shorts,  a crop top,  so chain necklaces and cross earrings as you did your hair up in a high ponytail and drove off to school and met up with your brother and the rest as you seen Daniel was hanging out with the same girl and when was kissing her as well but you just ignored it and walked off and went to class,  in the class you guys were doing a project and you ended up with Daniel so you groan and he came over to you but you didn't talk to him and just stared to do the project and was thinking to yourself 

*The end of the day*

You go to your car only to see Daniel with the girl but you just rolled your eyes and got into your car and drives off to your apartment and goes in and locks the door as you sat down and started to write down so song ideas and hums as well as you just wanted nothing to do with Daniel but you were having corbyn over so the boys came including daniel so you let them in and just ignore Daniel as he says “Y/n just talk to me....” You look at him“WHY SHOULD I HUH!?!? YOU CHEATED ON ME AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN CARE!! YOU NEVER STOPPED ME FROM CUTTING YOU JUST CONTINUED TO MAKE OUT WITH HER!!! You never loved me!!!! SO LEAVE ME ALONE!” You said as you stormed passed him and just goes outside with your skateboard and you go for a ride for a couple of hours

*A couple hours past*

You decided to go home and go inside as you see the boys were playing games and seen Daniel with his new girl and you groan and just rolled your eyes but you knew deep down inside you still loved him but he hurt you enough to where you can't see him any more so you go to sleep as the rest of the boys do

The next morning,  it was the first day of summer and you decided to get up,  putting on tight shorts the were ripped with a tight crop top on and some necklace with your hair done in braids and your makeup was a egirl type style as you go downstairs to see daniel and you just rolled your eyes and walked off with your skateboard and told corbyn where you going but the boys wanted to come so you agree and you guys got into the car and drove off to the skate park 

Once you got to the skate park, you in the boys got out and went up to the rails as you and Jack go skating and the rest of the boys just watched and smiled but Daniel was to bust with his girlfriend and wasn't paying attention to you at all,  which made you mad and upset because he would always watch you no matter what you just ignore him and continue to stake with Jack until... 

*To be continued*


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