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My friends ask me for advice 
But they don't really know, 
That I don't know,
 How to comfort myself when I'm in pain. 

 I tell them that everything will be fine, 
When I don't believe either.
That something can change, 
Changing direction. 

 I try not to disappoint others, 
When I already feel disappointed in myself.
 I try to be positive when I only have
 Negative thoughts in the head.  

I always tried to be the best, but I failed.
  I know that enough will never be enough
 For the people who judge me. 

 Any man can be wrong, 
Every woman get broken sometimes,
 Try to understand that, being tolerant. 


  • Aug 09, 2020

  • Zee Musty

    Zee Musty


    Aug 09, 2020

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