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(Welcome Home Daniel)
Ten Years Later:

Moving away out of an household of such as a family member seeing him begging to not go. Chasing after the bus to hold it to a stop groans me to even know what's going on. But I was to sleepy. Feel asleep in my mother's lap. She ignores him along the whole way. Glad to see him no more. Gone out of sight. Didn't had the raise any red flags to the bus driver.

Just say there until she feel asleep too. When I woke up, we were at a village of a place that looks peace full an quiet. Dark at the night of the day.

I been picked up settled on my baby car seat seat buckled up tight an safe watching her an her mate of a woman friend work the day moving in there stuff and my little kid stuff on inside. The furniture an beds, baby cribs, an so father more. I looked around so clueless of what's going on. But can hear really well. The wind of the whether was a little chilly. I shivered a even a  little.

Conversions they had up inside an on outside.  Have you find a job, yet? " No, I'm working the best I could. I thought watching over your son could be my job. " No, Lisa, bills? " We have bills an other stuff relating to a household that needs to be paid on time. I can handle him, you work. This is my new born child I'll need to take care alone. And that's the burden, I will deal with, unlike your teeth. " (Chuckled) Lisa, puts her head down chuckling shamelessly.
Have you got it taken care of yet? " "Shut up. Arrggh! " Worked hard with sweat an concentration lifting up a heavy good TV set solo. Struggling a little. 

Okay fine, what ever sets will for you, Nichol. " Come on! " Help me out before I drop it! " Hold on. " They both grunted in inside the house hustling the TV sets on inside the house, along with the antennas, good an new. Unused for it to work properly, unless the predicament of thunder an lighting raining clash down up pound the world today or any day forward operating those antennas to work at the time.  Turned around to my right. Stuff an more stuff I don't even though what is. Waiting them to achieve me was all I could do.  No matter how long it took. Alrighty,  baby you ready to come to our new home now? " 

I stared at her  with excitement so curiously. Try to move lots of times to show how happy an excited I was. Ooooooh, your so cute.

I was set in the middle of the living lights on. Unbuckled out of my car seat grabbed to be in my baby crib gently. I baby coo in my crib. Rolling an rolling in circles. Tried to back flip myself up. You having a baby is such a blessing. "
Yea, well if you aren't a backstsber like my last husband, I've talked to you about since our school young years, I never want to see again. Never, never in my life I'll do the same that idiot did to you didn't deserve. " Nichol shrugged her shoulders. I'll find that hard to believe. It makes me trusting people a whole lot harder. Including you, no offense. " None taken. " Come on, let's talk it up some more or do  what we do upstairs after you turn on some cartoons for our new child together? "

Hmmm, Nichol was pleased. Agreed to the idea. Got it started right away. Now, I guess tuatara start for our trust relationship. " I told you, Nichol, I'm not like everybody else. ", You don't say?" Clicks an twist of turns. Fling of light flickered in different colors as such alerting my attention to seat still an watch the moving picture's an character's moving and taking around in the movie. Oooooh? ", I said in coo baby voice sort of hard to be understood. Curiosity of mine got hold of me speaking English words for the first time, not sounding any sense yet at least for my parents or guardians. They were so happy an pleased sheds a tear looking at me. Gave me a kiss smooch on th cheek before they went upstairs for the night. Perhaps to sleep, knowing his late the night is. Moving all that heavy equipment by themselves into one empty big house to fill it up with all of it in its respective places around the house. Took hours to finish before receiving me the car door open in the cold of the chilly weather we felt the hit of the night. Glad inside to feel warm an some sleep. 

It may involves me, but I just need help to sleep I thought. Watching the shows catching my eyes of every scene kept awake. For heck, I won't even though if I went knocked out sleep watching cartoons.


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