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I remember being young
And falling in love
With everyone in my eyes
Then I started tripping on you
I hate all the walls between us
Dislike any distance between us
I curse all the people
Keeping me away from you.

I heard you call my name
The wind carried your voice
Across the meadows
But now you're just a memory
Of a distant dream
But I cling to my dreams
I hold on to my memories
And I pretend
You are still here with me.

I have seen the whole world
Turn to gold
So bright and beautiful
Like an amusement park
And its so beautiful to know
That someone loves you
In this world.

I hid myself in my room
And I felt so small
So I would never forget you
I wrote your name on my wall.

I still love you
No matter what you say 
I want you to love me
Like I love you.
I love thinking of you
In all the things I do
And if you leave here
I will leave here with you.


  • Aug 02, 2020

  • makes me feel kind of sad this one, hope you guys like it

    Aug 02, 2020

  • Aug 02, 2020

  • Hmm, I mean who doesn't? Because I love it!👌👏

    Aug 02, 2020

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