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Chapter One Souls To Collect

"Good Night, boo," the dad said. Keeping a straight happy smile of joy the best he could. Waving his wife in pleasure of a good bye. Near his bedroom door in the darkness of the doorway saying his words before in ward to his bedroom door locked inside himself in. So he turned around with the children crowding her all happy and chattering the life out near her. Full an sleepy to go the bed with her only.  Besides the dad anyhow. Good night, honey. " She smiled in the most uncomfortable way twisting his stomach in a hole of a twister.

Lips her lips seductively, turning right back around to her room with her man hidden in the dark of the covers waiting for his woman to arrive in too.

It wasn't so hard to figure out the scheme she tires the hide in the minute of him choosing over his own child boy an real good wife. But, what was he going to do about it?  He has no were else to stay but with her.

His wanted in a lot of murderer charges in United States in form Cleveland Ohio, father more in trouble of the law he had nothing to do with, that's still searching for his behind all over.

Still having trouble an no leads, thanks to his wife of a one  he cheated with caught by his real good wife by the way he treats his child an that all her family ancestors giving not giving a   flinging flap about her our the child, thinking there sicko's and bad mental people. Cussing her out over the phone silencing her mouth to a whole hung up never received up any of her cell phones ever again. Takes it to there death, the boy of a child old enough at ten years of age to visit them the family members whom spoiled him to death, loving him all there heart before they pass away, ruined abruptly by the father himself to selfish an inpatient to get his child or see him like he was allowed to time to time, choose to go father beyond to kill off there family connections of them to all of it belonging to him.

Lying to them so much an truthfully to there ears, they believed a whole mouth full he was telling to them after the argument he had with his first wife dealing with on him hiding the child a little bruised up in the head, still breathing as a baby child scared for his life. Never doing the thing offended him so hard to hit him a few times or slap of his anger to teach him a lesson to never do it ever again. She was just warning him in the most understanding upset way she could to him. Thanking God, he hadn't put him critical condition. Set boundaries that he will never see his child or her ever again if he just clean up his act an him doing drugs, since the horrendous  acts all the way back to high school of them having the know each other together as a couple, now present doing this to her child. Asked if they both understand each other, walked out didn't give him the put his input of how he felt about that. But, been giving options at head. The choose in his own way. That he took, to a whole dark turn. Perhaps the turn of that he was accused being doing drugs an not seeing his child ever again or her, he took to hear nothing else to it.

Want to hear what he wants to hear. His wife his with sticks him to her bound, but takes cares of him well, treating him like crap, the st she wants, that's so forbidden from God, that this was his fault he has the eat on everyday until he dies or pass away either way. He brought this  down on himself considering the actions he done in the past now in the present. He was going to end today in the dark of his room. Hearing the moaning in the other room bumping an humping. The chance he takes to make things right. Stands over near his table. Cries in despair. Banging his head on the table frantically. Opening a drawer at the top side. Grabbing something metal an rusty. Pulling off the safety. Opening his mouth moaning of agony crying pain. Thrusting the revolver deep within his throat. Clipping the trigger finger ready to fire.

Nothing happen. He grunts in confusion. Gave it more attempts then ever moving around the revolver hard inside his mouth doing damage inside, not hearing the fun go off blowing his brains out already so his soul could really escape the hell he brought to himself. To A much different place.

Why won't it kill me already!? " (Whoosh!) The temperature drops down to a ten degrees, winding the room to blowing away. Shaking beyond it's core.

 "Because you an me has unfinished business San, said a voice behind him.

He gaps himself around. Grabbing out the revolver out his mouth to shoot at it.

Bam! Boom! Pow! Agggh, that hurts so bad,  it said sarcastically.
Have you ever heard of silver an rock salt, moron? "

Vanished to thin air. Appears to shove him by the throat crashing through the walls of his room down to the road cracking it to a huge hole below. It on top of him. The gushing of the wind growling to suck the  human inside it's gravel. Yes, for the love of God, you kill me! " Let it suck me in to the underground! That's all I want thanks to you, I'll go myself! " 
Snap! Everything was back in recovery. Repaired itself in a single snap of a finger from the creature on top of him. Bonk! Crashed his whole face breaking his nose trying to go face down to below. Ack! aHhhh, my nose! " You'll be fine, I ain't letting go down that easy. " Why not, Lucifer? " Hahahaahah! Oh my sweet blood meat, you know me? ", Ain't that something."  

 Well if you are who you are, why don't you let me kill myself shooting off this gun, so you can have me! " He tried to grab for the gub, but it disappears into the creature hands unloading the gun empty with no ammunition. Parishes it into ash dropping the fun clattering across the street floor. Why you want the devastation no one in there right mind want end up in!? ", 

Why do you care, you are Lucifer, the he king of hell an the corrupt, you turn weak people into the enjoy salvaging the torture forever until there will cracks. " begging to work the land an on earth for you to command whatever they want them to do. "
Been doing your homework, I see. " It smacks it's lips. Walks up to him. Resting his hand on him. Your not any ordinary douchebag human being on this planet doing what they do from there heart, I don't sense from you. "I'm itching why the clan of God's Sons including you destroys there whole life an all thanks to my work trying to bring you tough minded smart blessing souls suckers down, seems to come across an easy one, God couldn't save trying several an thousands of times in his own power, that thankfully didn't fix it change your mess up mind I tarnished! " ahahahahaaah! " Stan, rushed his hand off his shoulder. Disgusted an confused. What the hell are you talking about? " It turned around smirk his face so creepy vampire  clown way of pleasure.

So pleased of the one of th loyal headed ones had no idea about his scheme or of what he is other than his famous name for centuries Lucifer in the underground the male of a God, whom will enjoy your arrival of a criminal corrupt individual alive ripping out your corpse insides an screams having no end, with his reapers an demons along with it. 
Head so screwed up, he don't know what it got himself into. Or about to witness.

Opportunities an options, like this he could an will not refuse rigging to work the ask for. It's boiling in it's blood. In his supernatural powers sizzling to a crisp. He went for it in a heart beat. The results he'll never forget in his life of a evil God, seeking revenge up a pound the father of ruler of all God's Jehovah,removing him from the lies an plans with a kind forbidden to reach he some how crack open them to crack the shield God's Of heaven weakness to collapse sacrificing almost the whole Angel an guardians in dead or in critical danger, if God hadn't intervene with the God Of Wrath, there will all be dead. Heaven an peace of order will be no more, humanity an Earth world will be loss. I'm the hands of Evil. The jealous boy Angel never explained or cared for what he did to his whole family. Seems though he wanted everyone to himself, there love, support, he finds in San, a connection he loved an willing a God's Son to be on his side to show him the ropes of his life he deals with in the underground under his wing. Reasoning he keeps to himself, San path an  lost brain dead enough. What do you say, having super powers working for me? " 
San was speechless face full of questions an confusion turning his face bright red. Sighs, this imbecile! ", he whispers to his mind.  just say yes, and I'll let you die get you what you want, but me an you going to have  nice long chat. ", 
He hugged the creature so happily to get what he thinks he deserves. Mostly to get out the hell he got himself into.

 In which way, there's no ammo in the chamber-SLASH! The blood splatters everywhere. A heart beating rapidly. It holding his heart crashing it to pieces. San, in his knees with his mouth wide open staring in gladness. Thank.………….. you-dropped to the floor  senseless. Bleeding delicately. Splatter as such ruins it's clothing an face in blood splatter juice. (Spits) Boy, you got lots to learn kid. And I'm gonna be your new God, an father in one split way of caring your going to love. Eheheheheheh.….. " He snickered on the way down to the underground. Everything stopped being frozen in time. Back in normal temperature, the day r rolling back the way itnwas. Good night baby, I can't wait for his special breakfast  meal given by you, personally. Rolls over to her side of the bed, smooching  her on the cheek. Oh, you have no idea, with that dumbass. " She said. Good night to you too, the fun we have manipulating him to our favor." Having no body else to save him to pushes away  Tied to me. Tied to us, she looks over to him with her dazzling eyes staring into his eyes half way closed shut. To do whatever we want him to do, no one can stop us. The decoy of using him robbing banks lots of money an all, I'm covering to help him cover his tracks. Like boy, what else could we do  besides having all the money in the world   to send willingly? " Oh honey, I wish you haven't ask. "


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