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When dad went out to get the newspaper there curled in a tight ball was a puppy with a cowboy hat on. He had managed to drag an old blanket over to the door to lay on. Dad said, "hey buddy are you OK?" The pup was so cold he just laid there. Dad picked the pup up and brought him in the house. I was still home when dad came in. The puppy was unresponsive, he was so cold. I took the pup and ran up to my room and into the bathroom. I ran a lukewarm bath for him. Once there was enough water in the tub I unwrapped the pup and lowered him into the tub. He didn't even wiggle when I lowered him in. Bit by bit I warmed the water up. After about two hours of warming the water up he started to wiggle a little bit. I continued to warm the water up. As I did this he finally opened his eyes and looked at me. But he continued to just lay there in my arms. So I warmed the water up even more until it was basically the right temperature for the puppy. Mama Liv came in along with Mama Maddy and asked, "how was he doing?" I said," a lot better. Look at him, he's just laying in my arms enjoying the warm water." They looked around me and there he was looking back at them. He even did a quite, urf urf. It sounded so funny that we all laughed! And the pup wagged his tail under water. I asked if I could have some warm towels. Mama Maddy said, "I'll get them. When she came back I picked the pup up and rung him out some with my hands. Then I started drying him off. I then brought him downstairs and wrapped him in a warm blanket and set him near the fireplace. He wiggled out of the blanket and ran upstairs and into my bathroom. He grabbed his cowboy hat and came down the hall and was trying to get down the stairs. But he tripped on his hat and started falling down the stairs and I grabbed ahold of the little guy. He slurped my face. I put his cowboy hat on him and wrapped him back up and set him on the doggy bed by the fireplace. Clayton brought some soft food into the livingroom and some lukewarm water in too and the pup ate and drank eagerly. After he ate he curled up and went to sleep by the fireplace. "I told everyone I needed to get going I'm late!" Then I looked at mama Maddy and mama Liv, "and you two going to work?" It's Saturday honey. "I chuckled go look at the calendar." They did. "Dillon we have to work this weekend!" Daddy Rafe came out in plain cloths and I told him he better look at his calendar. "Oh no we're late!" daddy Rafe said! "I had an emergency whats everyone else's excuse? And I don't now about anyone else but I'm going to work in plain cloths today. I have black jeans on and a white T-shirt and long sleeve white shirt and that will have to do!"Daddy Rafe said, "that works for me!" So I went upstairs and told everyone what they could wear. Fifteen minutes later we were on our way to work in my brand new pickup.


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