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  It's been a year and a few months. Yes my demons still behinde me. But it feels that they getting the best of me when I'm sober now. It's like drugs saved me from being a demon my self. Am.i becoming a demon. I feel the blood floating and that middle in my arm felt to so good I loved that blood mixing with the liquidfied drug. Now all I can see is someone being beheaded and me trying to cover my crime. Saying to my self on my own dream I won't get caught. I know what to do. As I think this,  I feel like I'm becoming a different person, now drugs are not helping me contain this demon inside of me. Who is thirsty for blood. I will always say high as hell. I got someone else inside of me and that person is bad news. Well now I know what I ment when I said that. You know evil. Is part of my life. And the good in me well my child hood took that from me. Rape is a key to monstrosity. So with that said I can be a monster demon, is there such a thing I ask my self, well there has to be right I can't be the first of my kind. I did what it was done to me. 

  Being a sober person  with demons it's a bad thing. This evil is taking over. And I'm going to let it, because I hate feeling helpless, I want to be on top of the drug chain. My dreams and hope will come true. won't hide anymore from my demons. If I was ment to be good well my higher power will guide me thru this hell. If not well, hell will be where ill make my decision. It's never late till it is. 


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