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1 in a million but a million in 1, 
1 in 20 a life I have won. 19.7 I fit in there too categories for days I'm just like you,
Pick a selection we all fit in.
A small little town that I once knew.
A scholarship would help me that's why I am coming to you.
All these statistics I cant keep up I'm nobody special we have all had it rough,
Do I deserve this? I'm not sure if I do. 
These people around me is how iv made it through.
1 in 4 this number I'll strive. I'm not a better person just happy to be alive.
My mind is what gets me most of the time.
buckle your seatbelts.
An everyday person with reasons to survive a warrior at heart these statistics I fight.
Just another number for you to see yet all of them created a unique part of me.
I'm not asking for pity.
I developed my own pride.
I'll keep going on this long haul ride.
i could tell you stories of who I could be.
 build a character of what i want you to see.
I am just one in billions I'm only just me.
Fighting battles that no one else sees. 
Making my own new destiny.
Please take your time to read this through one of many are struggling, I hope this will be an awakening and can change a part of you. These groups that made me are not something new. 
But going through them I get a beautiful view. 


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    Aug 01, 2020

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