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There are people who hold emotion at levels that is unmanageable, yet striving to give pieces of the beauty the corruption in them brings to light. Not being able to offer the world much besides maybe a glimpse of perspective that can change and hopefully build something inside of perspectives the world seems to not understand. We all offer something that can strengthen The wounds that affect the closed part of us captivate moments memories emotions. There are also those who secrete more then they should allowing misfortune to conpletley desecrate the most pure form of feeling truth. The part of us we all push down so the world won't judge us the part we are ashamed of is the people we may isolate and convince ourselves that they are the issues. Knowing in reality we are all our own issues and destroying truth in another is where growth and care have impacted great torture a well being for all of us. The more accepted of everyone not just specifics can change the world. It's not one situation that matters more. Dont be self absorbed over past situations build now for the future u cant change the past. but there is still time to change  things now. Why focuse on these simple situations that have been solved more then the sufferings that are occurring now. If we neglect the issues now who knows when things will change. I hope every past history movement and the length it took does not have us dwell on things that may even be continually solved by also inclingkng the things we need to fix around us now.. when the things that are happening now may be neglected.  before we let judgment and mistakes define and operate where healing could reside in all of us.

Signed: a mind full of sadness and a heart full of love.


  • Aug 01, 2020

  • Aug 01, 2020

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