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As iv been reading alot of self help and reflections books, I find some of the most horrific things found within are the things we love the most. Finding separation in emotion and logic becomes complex. Almost to the point where in my understanding of it and opinion  leads to a persons character becoming frayed and sometimes completly lost. It saddens me because I wonder if maybe once completly destroyed if a person can become content with themselves and the life they were handed and actions they choose.Senserity and genuine are words iv always admired because I lack in alot of ways. I loose alot but I know I contain those two things and it makes me feel I have purpose. I wish I could become what others want me to be, yet i am wild, like a sunflower I captivate in all my flaws yet self destruct because of the perceptions others have influenced toward me. In which that is my fault. 

Sent from a mind full of sadness and a heart full of love.


  • Aug 01, 2020

  • Aug 01, 2020

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