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A series it seems,
 living in unfortunate events, 
chasing big dreams, 
yet a life consuming her regrets, 
a heart that beats and bleeds memories desired to forget.
 A deserving life will find her an emotional distress, 
sad life it seems she cant fill the emptiness, a smile can really hide the wreckage she collects,
 happiness can find her, 
 yet she cant speak nor protect,
 scars she has hidden beneath words remain unsaid, 
A journey she keeps trying yet alone is what she dreads,
 fighting all alone tears she always sheds, a heart made of stone can still beat beneath her chest, 
giving love she offers,
 happiness she never gets,
 a "soldier" she stands for those who deserve what's best,
 yet she wait to feel important and self destructs, she's depressed. Friends come go guess she never passed the final test, 
obstacles she's given she always tried her very best, 
laughter is what she offers broken humans easily dispensed, 
reputations is what your looking for, useless items no respect. 
A beautiful soul is destroyed it's easy yes I guess, 
when the ones who have destroyed you keep tabs to watch you bend, 
breaking is always fun when your not at the other end.
 She knows she will never make it misery always gets her best,  
Tearing all that's left until her pedals are torn to shreds, 
yet there was always so much beauty inside the darkness that she bled. 
Beauty is not always what appears in palettes and  silhouettes,
 beauty comes from your emotions, where your feelings can connect. 
It is why you find corruption to push away with perplex tests, 
a mind  filled with clutter it's TRUE the wicked never seems to rests, 
A soul full of thunder, 
builds storms you cant forget, youve never seen a spirit that breathes fire when shes upset. writing is her canvas, words is where her demons lay to rest,
 a damsel most would say dancing in distress, 
battling a series filled with unfortunate events.


  • Aug 01, 2020

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