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Sub Category : Thriller
One morning I woke up. Not in my bed, not on my sofa. But I was in some ones body. Thomas Bothering was apparently looking for me. I never played with Thomas so why he was looking for me I don’t know.
Anyhow, All day I was wondering, How did I get into some Wierdo’s body. It appears to me that it was Jackwall Devonson’s body I got stuck in. JACKWALL ATE ME UP!! That explains why he is such a nose Picker. Blooming Witchcraft! I have hated witchcraft all my life. I was so sad, I put tears in Jackwall’s nose. Then there was an extraordinarily good scene. Jackwall was coughing soo badly, he snotted me out!

Miss Alavin was so mad she made me star student and Jackwall toilet scrubber!!!

          The End 


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