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Wake up coffee morning text.
Reply back the same.
Me here you there I tell you everything but you do not do that same.
Me witch you pagan the same but so different.
You have a line you won't cross I have no lines.
I told you once I told you twice don't lie.
You call cause you don't trust me but I'm not the one with something to hide.
Your insecurities and lies are showing but I'm here and your there so I just sit back and watch.
You think your gods are greater than mine.
you don't send good to harm evil you send evil.
I am evil I showed you before don't make me show you again .
Your lying is what will hurt you your lying will tear us apart.
I am not kind when taken for granted and I am not kind when my heart has been broken.


  • Aug 01, 2020

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