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I invited you to the dance
 But you told me you don't like dancing.  
I invited you for a coffee but you told me 
You didn't like drinking it. 

 I invited you for a walk but you told me
 You don't like walking in the sun. 
 I invited you to watch a movie, 
But you told me you didn't like movies at all.  

I gave you a sweet chocolate,
 But you said you like the bitter one.
I gave you a red rose, 
But you told me you prefer the gray one. 

 I crossed the street and I saw you
 Hand in hand with someone else, 
Drinking a coffee on a terrace, 
And then I understood
 That no matter what I could have done, 
The answer would always have been "No..." 

 That "no" that hit me,
 That "no" that lied to me. 
That "no" that couldn't be changed into "yes" , 
That "no" that made my eyes cry again.


  • Aug 01, 2020

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