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Many Thoughts have crossed my mind. Good(Grace), Bad(Becky), Sad(Sally), and who can forget Curious(Carol)... A little more than my usual. A little more than my norm. I lean with ‘Sad Sally’ today. Not because Aunt Flo is in the house, or the challenges we’ve been facing this year in 20/20, the hardships.  Today ‘Sad Sally’ has welcomed herself into my heart, and has made herself comfortable. As much as I avoid unwanted thoughts(visitors).. ‘Curious Carol’ insisted. ‘I know you’re wondering why the names?. Well, I find it amusing to name everything. As a child, it was My Jam, My thing. Now it’s strictly habit.’ A habit I enjoy. Thoughts deserve to be named. Called out by what they are and stand for. What they represent. Good or bad they need to be labeled. Like ‘Curios Carol’.. That “evil genius”. She has a way of setting me up. I try to avoid her the most. The outcome of her visit can take many directions. Today was a sucker punch to the gut, and ‘Sad Sally’ made her way through. Now I get to spend my early morning pondering over the “what if’s” of life. Though out of my control, Sally will make sure I feel every inch of her until I break. Gonna be an interesting morning. 


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    Aug 02, 2020

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