God Is Life😇 Having Faith Is What Going To Make Your Life Bright Read Count : 18

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Me and my partner girlfriend slept together. Had the fun time of our lives. Catching bad guys an criminals like it's our life. 

The love an protect is what we do. Though it ended, way to soon. We didn't see it coming. Nor, did it make any sense. They were hunters. Shooting us both point blank of us sleeping together in a hotel with a buck loaded rounds until the chamber was empty.
I wake up an was in my dreams if imagination of where I wanted to go. It was paradise heaven, I per assumed to know.

It was a golden kingdom trumped in a life of anime. The know the life of being in this fantasy anime movie life's today. Staring with me in the mix. Like I want to split on away out of this pleasure. Though, it didn't matter I was taken out to a secured location for a long chat, that took longer then ever.
 It was angel I made up gossiping my friends about. Seems that, he real an wants to talk to me about that.

Bringing me back alive in a mission. Says even, when I'm finished, you still can go on living. Your soul is your soul. A life is your life, I have send you, on a mission from God, to do set things right. Her saved lots times, more then I can count. So I advise you, to do this from the heart.


  • Aug 02, 2020

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