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The day of the ceremony at the White Eagle village Everyone was scurrying around getting ready. People were cooking different things for the ceremony. Decorations were going up. Tables were being set out. I had plowed and sanded the village very good. The day was sunny and mild. Which was weird. Mother White Eagle summoned me to come to her house around noontime. I thought that's strange but I went. I knocked on her door and went in. She hugged me so tight! She told me their were clothes on her bed and please go change into them. So I did. They were beautiful.. Someone had shot a white deer and clothes had been made for me out of it. But mother White Eagle had decorated the clothes with many beads. They were beautiful! So I changed into them. They fit great. They were a bit big and I think that's one of the reasons they were so comfortable. And I put the boots on that were made for me. I came out of the room and mother White Eagle looked me all over. "PERFECT," she said! "Are they comfortable?"Yes they are!" They are So soft and not tight!" OK she said, "sit down and I'll get you ready." I did and she rubbed something on my skin to make it darker. I touched my hand and it didn't rub off. Neat I thought! What's this your putting on my skin? She told me it was a tanning cream recipe passed down to me from my mother and from her mother to her and her mother to her and the list goes on. It also is good for your skin. Lets take your shirt off and I'll do your whole upper body. I said, "Don't use it all on me!" "I have plenty Lonewolf. Enough so I'm going to send you home with some." "Thank you mother White Eagle!" So once she finished I put my shirt back on. I asked her if this would wash off in the tub. "Oh no my child, this will have to wear off." "That's neat. I look like I have a major tan!" Mother White Eagle laughed and said,"One of the nice things about this tanning cream is that you will tan more easily with it on. So by the time this wears off you should have a very good tan because you already have a nice tan." "Now lets get you painted up." So my face was painted which didn't take long at all. Then mother white Eagle went into her bedroom and a few minutes later came out with this beautiful head dress for me. As she was placing the head dress on me father White Eagle was talking to the village. "This is a very special day," he boomed out! "Today we are honoring one of our youths for bravery, fighting skills, honor, and wisdom. And I have a special honor to bestow upon her as well. So without further anticipation, Lonewolf please come forward!" I looked at mother White Eagle and gulped! I thought, "why me!?" But as I was thinking mother White Eagle was ushering me out the door and through the cheering and clapping crowd. Before I really knew what was going on I was lifted up to the platform beside father White Eagle. Father White Eagle hugged me up. Pretty soon Lobo made a grand entrance by leaping up on the platform and skidding to a stop beside me. He turned around, sat down and lapped my hand. Well everyone laughed at his antics.  Father White Eagle said, "one of the big things Lonewolf does for this village is, she keeps us all plowed out and sanded. But what you may not know is Lonewolf shovels a path to your door so in case of an emergency you can get out of the house or emergency workers can get in to you." I gave him a soft kick in the leg for telling them that. He continued by saying, "she does this for everyone in the village, not just the elderly but everyone why you ask, because she takes pride in the work she does. She deeply cares about this Village! But most important is she does it because she cares for each and every here in the village! There were a few scoffs at that but father White Eagle ignores them. And I think we all know Lonewolf leaves for work early and sometimes she's home late, but she still plows us out and shovels! And if its icy she sands all the way to your front door." I said, "what did you do that for?" "Because they needed to know. They needed to appreciate it not take it for granted." The crowd was still cheering and clapping. "Thank you Lonewolf" and, "I didn't know." For bravery I received this beautifully engraved medal, for fighting skills I received a beautiful bow and and arrows and a beautiful hunting knife, for honor I received a plaque with the Apace honor code engraved on it and for wisdom I received a wonderful hand carved and decorated peace pipe with a pouch of tobacco with it.  Father White Eagle said, "for her charitable work I make you Lonewolf honorary chief of this Apache village!" Well the cheers went up! Clapping and whistles! I was floored! I was speechless, I couldn't believe my ears. But I did manage to squeak out a thank you. When I finally got my voice back I said, "thank you this is a great honor I will not take it for granted!" Before I could say anything else father White Eagle had picked me up and set me on his shoulder and was walking me around the platform. Then down into the crowd People were patting me on the back and shaking my hand and thanking me. All my moms and dads were there and all my brothers and sisters and my three little ones. Of course Freeway took the opportunity to jump on my shoulder. Even daddy Rafe and Mama Sarah were there!" Father White Eagle said, " lets eat!" He put me down and just beamed at me! I said, "father White Eagle what do I have to do as honorary chief? He said, "You don't have to do anything, however you can sit in and weigh in at council meetings, and if there is a meeting of the chiefs then you can attend that as well. You can resolve disputes. Things of that nature. I know your busy and you need down time. Don't feel like you have to do anything. You do so much for the village as it is!" OK that gives me an idea of my role anyways. The news was even at the ceremony and the wanted to get a picture of Lobo and I together." After that everyone ate a nice meal and then there were games and contests. "It was a very nice day!"


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