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To the guy who'll love her.

Be understanding.
I know how stubborn she is when she knows she's right,
Please try to be patient and understand where those things are coming from.
Then slowly try to make her realise the things she can't see.

Be Funny.
Please try to make her laugh,
I know how hard it can be because of her wits and sometimes slowness in picking up people's humour but don't give up.
All those efforts are worth it when she wears that beutiful smile of her.

Be Supportive.
She has a lot of ambitions and dreams that she wanted to come true.
Please support her. Promise to stay by her side.
Cheer her up when she's down. 
When she feels like there's no one beliving in her. Tell her that you do.
Tell her her good sides. Don't ever compare her. Tell her she's beautiful and bright.
It can somehow uplift her soul. 

Occasionally give her flower, chocolates, books - she really hates reading but grew fond of books. Play her an instrument, sing her a song. Don't be pressured by her angelic voice. Just do it. Make her feel worth it. Make her happy co'z that will makes you happier. Love her more than anything in this world. And walk with her as she walks with God. And mean every promise you made on your wedding day.

To the Guy who'm she'll love.


  • reminds me of my churchmate

    Jul 30, 2020

  • Jul 30, 2020

  • Jul 31, 2020

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