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Once upon a time in a small town lived a girl named lily. Lily was a little girl who helped her mother,friends,and she was a good girl but even she was stubborn .One day lily was going to the mall with her mother and while she was walking she slipped and fell over and she fell so badly even one of her shoes got broken.Then lily's mother said to her lily you must be careful while you walk on the road, so lily's mother said her come let's go to the mall and get you a shoe . As soon as they entered the mall lily saw a glittering pink jar as we all know lily was a stubborn girl she said to her mom .Mom can you please buy me those glittering pink jar so lily's mother said to her look lily we don't have enough money for you to buy the jar and shoes ok so you must buy the shoes which is useful for you
But lily became more stubborn and said No mom I need that  jar now and lily started crying 😭😭😭 then her mom said to her lily ok I will buy you the jar bit you won't get any shoes so  lily said yes mum that's ok you just buy me the pink shining jar so lily's mother  bought her the shining jar lily was very happy then as lily went home there was a very bad smell what was that it was the liquid in the pink glittering shining jar so lily said mom this liquid smells very bad so lily's mother said to her that if the liquid will not be in the jar it will smell good So lily went to the kitchen and started pouring the liquid as she  the liquid the pink colour glitter went then lily called her mom and said mom mom look this glittering liquid is gone . So lily's mother said to her I already said you lily that you must always think before you do something .so lily cried and said mum if I only listen to you I could have got those beautiful shoes instead of this liquid as soon as lily said this word her mum came with a  box. Lily asked her mother what is this mom so lily's mother said to her Mili you have learnt your mistake as a reward I am giving you this pair of shoes so lily thanked her mom and opened the box as soon as she opened it she found a pair of shoes in the colour pink and they were glittering too so lily apologized and said to her mother mom from next time I won't be stubborn I will listen to what you say and from that day onwards lily was not stubborn and listened to everyone who used to teach her good things

             MORAL OF THE STORY IS:
You must always listen to your parents and think before you do something and do not be stubborn and if you follow good things your life will also be glittering too


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