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The hazel are viridescent,
Their shape resembles a heart,
I am strolling through the woods,
Carrying at the moment no worldly goods,
I am just lost in the beauty of this nature!

I am sauntering now,
Wondering if these maple would trade their beauty in borrow,
Or should i purloin their amber?
O their beautiful aurous leaves,
It is so hard to leave their jocund company!
And the red leaves accompanying the golden,
Turns my sight molten,
The warblers are decorating their stems,
Singin' hymns without hems!

The brownish trunks are alluring,
The woodpeckers are givin' them a nice reform,
I think i should run now,
Coz below lives the skank!

Saved myself and reached here,
Where am i now?
This fragrance is enticing,
I am now movin' forward to find,
The hosts of this mystical aroma,
A batallion of lavenders
Housing a plum hue!
I am lost in their view.
But this was not the end,
The enchanting nature had more to offer.

Ripples of water are flowing through,
A river alongside a waterfall,
Is so serene and tranquil
Shinin' with the touch of sunlight's pat,
I think i should delve into this enigmatic water,
Alas! I have duties to attend to,
So this journey should now come to a halt.



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