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I dream of a type of love
That is to me

I dream of a person
Who sees beauty in small things
Is in love with my bangs
And wants to be in the sun

I can never guess zodiac signs right
But maybe I’ll guess theirs right
It could be a boy but I really wanna kiss a girl in the sunlight

Sometimes I feel ashamed
Of who I like
But I always have to tell myself “this is my fight”

I’ve never kissed a girl
I straighten my curls
But I’m ok with not fitting in in this cruel world

Like the white caps
Underneath the sun
I want somebody to go to the beach with
And we can have matching hats
That would complete it
My desires
And my reward for surviving the darkness of night

So I think I’ll get comfortable with my sexuality
I’ll become a lot more like me
I’ll make my own life’s history

So to the white caps
I do so love
Send me a love
That nobody else has ever had


  • Jul 30, 2020

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