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Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack Travis. His mother asked him to go to the grocery store to buy some groceries. Jack agreed. While he was on his way he saw an old man who was very hungry and didn't had money to eat something. So Jack felt pity and helped him by giving him some money and food. Cuz Jack helped the old man the old man rewarded him with a empty box. At first, Jack thought why is the old man rewarding him with an empty box. But then Jack took the box from the old  man's hands and thanked him.
After buying groceries, Jack reached home and gave his mom the groceries. Next, he went to his room with the empty box. He openned it. Suddenly, He became unconcious. But when he opened his eyes he saw that he was in a house made of chocolate.  Jack stood up and got out from the house but, he didn't saw the world in which he used to live.
Jack started to worry about how and when he came here. But soon he realized that it was all because of that empty box. Suddenly, Jack saw a girl who was very beautiful. 

Jack went to her and asked her that, "What is this place?"
The girl replied,"It is the fantasy world by the way who are you? I have never seen you here before."
Jack said," I am Jack. I came here from planet Earth. And what's your name?"
The girl answered," My name is Martha. Nice to meet you."
Jack:Martha, Can you guide me through the planet.
Martha: Sure.
Martha: Lets go.

First, Martha took Jack to the river. When Jack saw the river he became frightened. Martha said," Don't worry, it's not lava it only look likes"
Then Jack asked, " Is it water then?"
Martha answered, " It's water the water on our planet looks like lava"
Secondly Martha took him to the king of that land who was Martha's father. So, Martha was the princess.
But Jack didn't knew that.

At first when the king saw Martha he scolded her and said," Martha, How many times do I have yo tell you don't go out. It is dangerous"
Martha: But father.
King: No buts, and who is this boy?
Martha: He is my friend Jack. He came here from another world. 
King: From another world? Maybe then he is one of the enrmy.
Martha: No father he isn't if he was then I wouldn't be fine.
King: Yeah but say him to prove.
Jack: King I am not your enemy I even don't know anyone except Martha.
King: I said prove.
Jack:Here this is that box fromwhere I came here.
And somehow Jack convinced the king.
But Jack asked Martha what was the danger here.
Martha said: At first we came here from another planet this planet was found by my dad so the people made him the king. At first everything was in peace there were no fights. But know....
Then she began to cry.
Jack huged her and said:  Don't cry please just tell me what had happened.
Martha: One day some people came here and visited our planet. At first they were nice but after some time they became greedy and wanted to take our planet a t first e saved it but now we can't because we don't have any weapons snd no one knows how to make them.
Jack: I can make weapons I can help you.
Martha: Really?
Jack: yes.
Jack made wepons for them. And the greedy one's came to take the planet. But the wepons that Jack made were more powerful so Martha and the king won the fight.
Martha and Jack were in love with eachother. The king knew it. So Martha and Jack married and took Martha to his home and they lived happily ever after........


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