The Mischievous Little Penguin Read Count : 13

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Sub Category : Fantasy
 "I drove into the yard late one night. I heard some commotion down by the pond." Since there are active springs in the pond ice will build up. It looks like ice burgs in places. We also ran underground power out to the pond. The outlets were on a post far enough away so if there was splashing near the edge of the pond it wouldn't hit the outlets. But here were two penguins. One was in the water and the other one was standing on the ice and had just thrown a hair dryer in the water! I immediately unplugged the hair dryer. The penguin in the water had his tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth. "I stepped out on the ice and reached in the water and grabbed the penguin but he was thrashing some and I slipped and in the water I went. I came up hollering. Oh Damn this is COLD!!" Daddy Dillon saw my truck down by the pond and got a real bad feeling and started running towards the pond. He heard me holler and he ran faster! "Mike," he yelled! Mike came running out...Dillon hollered, "Lonewolf is in the water, I just know it....."Most of the team was running towards the pond. Mama Maddy & Liv were running now. Daddy Dillon reached the pond first with Mike right beside him. He saw the penguins. He noticed something wasn't right with one of the penguins and the penguin was dripping wet. Then I came up from under the water. It had taken everything out of me getting that penguin out of the water. Mama Maddy, before anyone could stop her, jumped in the water. She came up gasping because the water was so cold. But she grabbed me and managed to swim us over to daddy, Mike, Scottie, mama Liv, and Dillon grabbed both mama and I. Mike and Scottie grabbed mama Maddy and daddy Dillon pulled me out. My lips were blue. I was having a hard time breathing. I was just gasping for air. Both mama Maddy and I were wrapped in a blanket. They put us in the truck and drove to the house. Dillon told Mike and Scottie to get dry and warm! We will as soon as your all in the house. We also had the penguins with us. Mama Liv helped mama Maddy in the house. Daddy Dillon carried me in and Mike and Scottie grabbed the penguins. We were brought in the living room by the fire place. Dillon told Liv to get Maddy's clothes off. "Start with her boots then start from the top. If something is frozen to her don't try to take it off. The warmth from the fire will melt it and then we can take the clothing off." Liv said, "OK." Nothing was frozen on mama Maddy but most of my clothes under my jacket were frozen to me. My boots came off ok and my jacket came off stiffly. Then we were wrapped in warm blankets and set right near the fireplace. Eventually bit by bit my clothes could be taken off and warm pj's were put on me. We were all drinking coffee with a dollop in each cup! Mom and dad had come down when we all came in. The penguin that got juiced was ok now and sticking close to me. The penguin that threw the hair dryer in the water was sitting off by himself. I looked at him...."come here I said softly. Come on..."  he finally waddled over to me. The other penguin hissed at him and I said, "Sh..."and I pet him.  I coaxed him over to me and he stayed near me. Eventually the two penguins were side by side again. And both stuck close to me! It turned out to be a very long night but I eventually warmed up!


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