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Hey guys GUESS WHAT MY BIRTDAYS THIS FRIDAY!!!! we know you've been telling is everyday for a month. oh yah im just   AHHHHHHH IM SO EXICTED!!!! AHHHHHHH we know marie. sorry..ITS OK. You mite wanna give inventations ok here bestie. No thanks you know I'm gonna come so I don't need one. THANKS BESTIE!!! bye. Hi Lilly here's an invitation to my b-day. When is it. This friday! FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!! yah what about it? N-nothing ill try to make it. What was that all about eh LETS GIVE MORE ENVITATIONS. Your invited to my birthday. I'll try to come. (after giving the invitations) Whats so bad about Friday the 13th ahhh I'm gonna die on my b-day ha like that's gonna happen.( meanwile) MOM!!! What do you want mistake. Can you destroy this girl's b-day cause she didn't invite me. Sure does she have a crush? yah why. what's his name? leon. Im gonna go in discise as him and break her heart. GREAT IDEA MOM! Now let's finish are camp night out. Ok. (the next day) Hi I forgot to give you a invitation to my birthday party. T-thanks. WELCOME!!! WAIT when is it. don't freak out cause everyo e does but Friday the 13th I hope you'll attend. I will do t worry. YAY!! gallias mind (cute) (WAIT WHAT AM I THINKING IM STRATE NOT LESBIAN) uhhhh you ok you just stop talking and froze. y-yah I'm perfect. ooooook SEE YOU LATER!!!!! (The birthday day) Hey mistake you ready to ruin her birthday. Oh yah she changed her birthday to saturday anyways BYE MOM were are you going. To school its Friday. ok bye mistake. bye ally. mom to you no calling names In this family. says the one who calls me mistake BYE. Is May gonna come- marrie I'm here.    

                                               THE END


  • Oh no.😱 Your brithday is the same as Jason's slaughter house he did to the alone folks in the cbain near his lake. Jason: He wants the know your location.

    Jul 29, 2020

  • Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl

    my b-day isnt actually friday the 13th its for the story

    Jul 30, 2020

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